Re:  Legal claims for damages associated with events surrounding Winter Storm Uri


Dear Property and Business Owner,

Pursuant to the recent events associated with Winter Storm Uri in Texas from February 14th, 2021 to February 20th, 2021, scores of home owners and small businesses suffered extensive damage because of loss of electricity, heating and water, as well as broken water pipes and other damages.  Sadly, the entire situation and extensive damage suffered by consumers and businesses could have been avoided, but fuel and power companies sought to shift their contractual, business, legal responsibilities and financial losses to home owners, businesses and insurers.

As one of many injured home owners and businesses, CirclesX (a Texas LLC affiliated with SimpsX Technologies LLC, a Texas company) is taking the following steps, and you may participate with us, as users of the software and original claim holders, to hold those who have injured the great people of Texas legally accountable.  I am writing to you to invite you to participate with us in this endeavor.

CirclesX runs a unique leading software platform which can measure and validate not only claim damage from your home, business and/or person, but it also has proprietary and patented techniques for data capture of energy and event markets to be able to provide the detail necessary to support claims against energy companies which caused the damage.  In addition to our unique technology and data platform, we have 30+ years of management and operational experience in highly complex energy derivative contracts as well as power, fuel and energy trading system operations which will be required to support damage claims against highly sophisticated and opaque companies which caused the damages.

If you, your home and/or business were damaged or injured during Winter Storm Uri, your claim may be sold to the recovery limited partnership fund VaultsX Recovery I LP (a SimpsX Technologies LLC Texas affiliate).

It is a simple process and does not preclude you from making or pursuing claims with your insurance company as you get back on your feet.  VaultsX Recovery I LP will not duplicate benefits or losses that are already covered by your insurance, but uncovered damage is eligible for recovery [such as claims below your deductible or claims not covered by your insurance policy].  Paid claim amounts covered by your insurance may also be recovered for your insurance company to help reduce your premiums.

Exemplary Claim Sale and Assignment Example:

All costs of claim analysis, software, energy data, claim data and legal fees are borne by VaultsX Recovery I LP and VaultsX Series I LP.


Best Regards,

Erik Simpson

CEO CirclesX a SimpsX Technologies LLC company

VaultsX Recovery I LP and VaultsX Series I LP are Texas Limited Partnerships

12335 Kingsride #418, Houston, Texas 77024

(832) 916-2001