Sell your claims to a leading energy data and recovery firm

Loss during Texas Winter Storm Uri? Join the Texans Helping Texans Recovery Fund

No cost join. Upload your claim data, utilize our market leading energy software, let us verify and enhance and possibly buy your claim. You may receive $100 upfront for a purchased claim + 50% of your claim gross recovery proceeds upon settlement.

A simple example of how it works when you sell your uninsured claim:

  • $5,000 verified claim costs sold and assigned from Claimant John Smith to Texans Helping Texans Recovery Fund
  • $1,000,000 in verified total submitted claims sold and assigned to Texans Helping Texans Recovery Fund
  • $100 payment credited to user account upon sale of verified claim [may be withdrawn after settlement win or lose]
  • $1,000,000 in claims recovered from meritorious settlement
  • $2,500 is paid upon meritorious settlement to Claimant John Smith who sold and assigned their claim to Texans Helping Texans Recovery Fund. [$2,500 is 50% of gross recovered proceeds from the settlement]
  • If no settlement is reached, it is possible, you would only receive the $100.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Do I have a conflict if I already filed an insurance claim with my homeowners or business policy?


You should pursue your insurance claims as you normally would.  You are only assigning claims your insurance did not pay on to the Texans Helping Texans Recovery Fund.  The fund will only attempt to cover losses your insurance company did not pay for or for losses not covered by your insurance.  You should pursue all your insured claims with your insurance company.  You may proceed with your insurance company for insured claims and with the Texans Helping Texans Recovery Fund for claims your insurance did not pay on.


Is there a time limit to sell and assign my claim to be included in the Texans Helping Texans Recovery Fund?


The current recovery fund has a deadline of April 30th, 2021.  Claims sold and assigned before that date will have priority.  Claims after that date may not be accepted.


Is my data confidential?


Yes, your data will only be used in accordance with the claim and case and software to enhance the claim.  


If I have legal questions what should I do?


If you have questions, you should speak with your own counsel, legal advisors or advisors who can give you input on how best to proceed.  CirclesX is not a legal advisor or financial advisor.


How often will I be updated on the status of the potential 50% gross recovery of my claim?


The website system is updated daily with updates.  Some days, no new information will be known, but the most current information will be available on the website through your secure account.


How does CirclesX make money?


CirclesX and our affilates have invested in our own claim with large energy database systems built over 20 years.  We are also willing to front the legal and discovery cost involved with the case which will be expensive and costly.  In taking these risks and buying your claim, we will lose if the case is not successful.  If the case is successful, 50% of the gross recovery of your ORIGINAL CLAIM will be paid to you and  50% of the gross recovery will go to CirclesX to cover our software, business, legal and other costs.  You have no out of pocket cash cost risk to join the fund.  You are only forgoing the right to pursue your uninsured claims separately on your own.

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Quick, professional and lets me place the claim in the hands of a market expert for recovery.
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Simple form to fill out and the system notifies me of progress.
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Thank you for helping with recovery.

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