Sell your claims to a leading energy data and recovery firm

Did you experience a loss from the 2021 Texas Winter Storm Uri? You could get money back.

Join the Texans Helping Texans Recovery Fund. There’s no cost or risk to you, and you could get paid.

Winter Storm Uri brought devastation to thousands of Texas residents and businesses across our state – adding up to more than $200 billion in losses. And an enormous percentage of these losses were completely avoidable.

When conditions were at their worst and Texans were shivering and suffering in the dark, some power and fuel companies saw an opportunity to profit. By manipulating markets and power outages in their favor, they extracted billions in profits in a matter of days – more profits than they typically earn in a year. Their self-interested actions caused catastrophic damages to homes and businesses, losses of income and senseless injuries and deaths. This is malfeasance, and we’re working with thousands of Texas citizens like you to fight back. And together we’re striving to win.

Did your pipes freeze and cause damage?

Did your business lose income?

Did power outages cause losses?

Did your insurance pay far less than what you lost?

Did you get an outrageous power bill?

Did a loved one suffer injury or death?

Listen to our market experts on the recovery in Texas

Recovery Examples

A simple example of how it works when you sell your uninsured claim:

  • $5,000 verified claim costs sold and assigned from Claimant John Smith to Texans Helping Texans Recovery Fund
  • $2,000 is paid upon meritorious settlement to Claimant John Smith who sold and assigned their claim to Texans Helping Texans Recovery Fund. [$2,000 is 50% of net recovered proceeds from the settlement]
  • If no settlement is reached, it is possible, you would not receive anything.

Assign your claim to CirclesX and we’ll work to help you recover up to half of your uninsured losses. CirclesX is a leading data firm with decades of expertise focused specifically on energy markets. Armed with mountains of high-grade data amassed through our patented technologies, we team with top legal experts to fight your claim. When you trust your claim to CirclesX, we pay all the legal costs on your behalf, and if a settlement is reached you get 50% of the net outcome. There is absolutely no risk to you, and you could get back a lot of the money that’s rightfully yours. There’s no downside, only upside.

We’re confident in taking on big power companies. We’re confident in taking on all the risks. Because we know exactly how to fight this fight.

Power and fuel companies have enormous databases that they hide behind to defend themselves. In fact, they used this data to predict this catastrophic storm and position themselves to extract maximum profits. To beat big companies with massive resources, you have to fight fire with fire. That’s where we come in. We have decades of the highest quality power and fuel-industry data to take them on. We have built this database through our own proprietary patented technologies. No one else has it. And we’re ready to unleash it for you.

Thousands of Texas residents and businesses have already joined the Texans Helping Texans Recovery Fund. And while we can never guarantee a favorable outcome, through our powerful combination of data technologies and expert legal teams, we are more than equipped to help you go up against these companies. And no matter what happens, there is absolutely no out of pocket cost to you, ever.

It’s this simple.

  • Assign your claim to the Texans Helping Texans Recovery Fund, at no cost to you.
  • We fight the legal battle on your behalf, taking on all costs and risks.
  • If a settlement is reached, we split the net proceeds 50/50.

Assign your claim to CirclesX at no cost to you and fight to get back what you lost.


Call 346-708-8189

Frequently Asked Questions:


Do I have a conflict if I already filed an insurance claim with my homeowners or business policy?


You should pursue your insurance claims as you normally would.  You are only assigning claims your insurance did not pay on to the Texans Helping Texans Recovery Fund.  The fund will only attempt to cover losses your insurance company did not pay for or for losses not covered by your insurance.  You should pursue all your insured claims with your insurance company.  You may proceed with your insurance company for insured claims and with the Texans Helping Texans Recovery Fund for claims your insurance did not pay on.


Is there a time limit to sell and assign my claim to be included in the Texans Helping Texans Recovery Fund?


Due to increased demand we have created a new recovery fund with a claim deadline of July 31, 2022.  Claims sold and assigned before that date will have priority.  Claims after that date may not be accepted.


Can I hire a law firm to handle my claim?


While you can hire any law firm you chose, law firms do not have the data required to prove market manipulation claims.  In fact, law firms are licensing our data and assigning their claims to the Texan Helping Texans Recovery Fund for these unique claims.


Is my data confidential?


Yes, your data will only be used in accordance with the claim and case and software to enhance the claim.  


If I have legal questions what should I do?


If you have questions, you should speak with your own counsel, legal advisors or advisors who can give you input on how best to proceed.  CirclesX is not a legal advisor or financial advisor.


How often will I be updated on the status of the potential 50% net proceeds recovery of my claim?


The website system is updated daily with updates.  Some days, no new information will be known, but the most current information will be available on the website through your secure account.


How does CirclesX make money?


CirclesX and our affilates have invested in our own claim with large energy database systems built over 20 years.  We are also willing to front the legal and discovery cost involved with the case which will be expensive and costly.  In taking these risks and buying your claim, we will lose if the case is not successful.  If the case is successful, 50% of the net proceeds recovery of your ORIGINAL CLAIM will be paid to you and  50% of the net proceeds recovery will go to CirclesX to cover our software, business, legal and other costs.  You have no out of pocket cash cost risk to join the fund.  You are only forgoing the right to pursue your uninsured claims separately on your own.

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Quick, professional and lets me place the claim in the hands of a market expert for recovery.
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Simple form to fill out and the system notifies me of progress.
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Thank you for helping with recovery.

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