Virtual Subway

CirclesX has developed a way for people to monetize carbon offset claims across transportation markets

Sign up now to start collecting Virtual Subway Remote Work Carbon Credits with CirclesX EpiChains. Measure and link your Virtual Meeting calls to carbon reduction? Zoom, Teams, WebEx, RingCentral integrations are seamless and do not require any changes for employees.

A simple example of how it works when you use CirclesX Virtual Subway Carbon Markets:

  • Use your traditional Teams, WebEx, Zoom, Skype, Slack or other virtual collaboration software
  • Sign up for the CirclesX Virtual Transportation Carbon Offset integration.
  • Each Calendar event or meeting event will give you the option to earn carbon offset credits and automatically calculate the distance between virtual participants with blockchain verification.
  • Sell your carbon offset credits or use them in your companies Zero Emission ESG strategy.

Emissions from various commuting methods each year

Video: How Carbon Markets Work?

Carbon markets will dwarf the size of the oil market over the next ten years.

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Frequently Asked Questions:


How can my company start earning Virtual Subway Carbon Credits?


CirclesX can do a seamless backend integration to your companies preferred remote work solution from slack, teams, zoom, webex, ring central and more.


Is my data private and confidential?


All systems are encrypted and HIPPA compliant.  You are the only one who can see your  data.

The carbon credit engine runs on CirclesX blockchain and audits are encrypted.


What is Carbon and Legal Blockchain?


Carbon and legal blockchain are patented and patent pending technologies which not only track remote work locations and QR codes paired with host devices to create a legal blockchain.


If I have legal questions what should I do?


If you have questions, you should speak with your own counsel, legal advisors or advisors who can give you input on how best to proceed.  CirclesX is not a medical services provider, legal advisor or financial advisor. Foodie Body recommends that you talk to your physician first so you can modify the program plan based on known health issues as a more complete solution.


How does CirclesX make money?


CirclesX and our affiliates run many businesses focused on data and recovery services.  While we provide many services for free such as Foodie Body Search and Navigation, we do charge businesses for platform services and use of the exchange features.


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