Asset based platform markets are a $43 trillion global industry and a staple of our market economy. But deflation, fluctuating prices for assets and legacy technology can wreak havoc on the budgets of companies, not to mention the investors who depend upon them for their retirement or income. From infrastructure asset networks such as shopping malls or centralized power generation to commercial real estate and airlines that depend on physical asset transactions for their livelihood to recording artists who depend on large arenas to promote their latest albums, the number and range of people who are effected by the mega trend towards platform virtualization and whose sales and profits are impacted by the price of assets are enormous.

CirclesX through its VoltsX platform developed a way for companies to manage asset platform exposure to volatile and expensive asset prices and defeat the forces of deflation while retaining the ability to capitalize on software platform market opportunities. CirclesX has pioneered innovating screens into platform markets holding over 120 issued patents and patents pending in this innovation.


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